Welcome to Clay Volunteer Fire Department

Mission Statement

The Clay Volunteer Fire Department is organized to save lives, suppress and control fires, provide services, such as EMS, hazardous material recognition and response, fire prevention and other activities as deemed in the best interest of the Fire Department or the citizens of our community.

Who Are We?

The Clay Volunteer Fire Department was organized on February 19, 1917 as a Fire Protection District.  We are 35 of your neighbors, friends and colleagues.  We are men and women – married or single – we have full time jobs or go to school – but most importantly we work together to help protect our community.

The Clay Fire Department covers 20 square miles.  We currently operate out of two stations with one ladder truck, one heavy rescue, three engines, two EMS squads, a snowmobile and a boat.

What Do We Do?

We answer the community’s call for help on anything from a medical emergency…to a car accident…to a house fire – 24 hours a day…7 days a week…365 day a year.  We participate in various activities around the county such as softball, pushball, golf and bowling tournaments.  We host several community functions – Fundraising Activities, Open House and Fire Prevention activities for local businesses, churches and pre-schools.

We Save Lives

In order to maintain our high standards and expertise in handling emergency situations, we hold weekly drills.  We also attend training courses available from the New York State Academy of Fire Science, the Public Safety Institute at Onondaga County Community College, and the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

What Can You Do?

Volunteer – Join us in protecting our community.

Join the support group – If you are unable to join as a firefighter, we have a support group that could use your assistance!

Donate – If you “have no time left in the day”, a monetary donation would help us help you.

Support Group

If the front line is not what you desire, we have plenty of things for men and women to do “behind the scenes.”  The support group is there to aid the firefighters wherever needed, such as bringing refreshments to the scene or helping on fundraisers.  if you are new to the community, it is a great way to meet new friends!

Benefits Of Becoming
A Clay Volunteer Firefighter

As an active firefighter, you are entitled to free training, gear, uniforms, pagers and use of the stations.  We provide you with a life insurance policy and a pension plan.  Our “Top Responders” are recognized at our annual Installation Banquet.  Family events include the annual picnic and Christmas Party.  Join today and discover the thrill of emergency services and the camaraderie that occurs.  Benefit the community, benefit your neighbors, and most of all benefit yourself!